Our Call

Our call is to be on mission with Christ in our world today. Mary Ward writes of our ‘freedom to refer all to God’. This means that if we desire to follow Christ, then all possible means lie before us. It challenges us to use all that we have for God’s service.

Our times are not unlike those of Mary Ward’s. We live with tensions in our Church and in our world, and with uncertainties about the future. Yet, ours is a time of great excitement and of exploration; a time when we can reclaim our Mary Ward charism and apply it to our world.

As Mary Ward did in her time, we are challenged to find new structures and ways to be effective in our own time. Our life of prayer and discernment helps us, as contemplatives in action, to seek the will of God in all things so that we can live our lives in love and faithful service to Him. We struggle, like her, to find a new meaning for religious life for women in our world today.

Loreto Education Trust
Loreto Education Trust

Our Times

Our Gift


With Mary the Mother of Jesus as our Patron, we seek to respond as she did, asking her to place us with her Son and be a model for us as we dedicate our lives to share his mission in our world today.

The most obvious gift to us is Mary Ward’s vision that women in time to come would do much: that our femininity is not an obstacle but a means by which to proclaim God’s Word. We seek to bring out the giftedness of women and bring them into the power structures of our society and Church.