One of the facts that amazed me at the start of the London 2012 Olympics was that with 204 different countries taking part in the Games, the Olympics had more member countries than the United Nations. Up to 70,000 Games Maker volunteers were used and made up part of the largest ever peace time recruitment campaign in the UK. I was proud to be chosen as one of these Game Makers. The process to recruit the Games Makers started 2 years ago and recruited people from all walks of life. More than 240,000 people applied. They were recruited to cover a wide variety of roles across the venues: from welcoming visitors; to transporting athletes; to helping out behind the scenes in the Technology Team to making sure the results got displayed as quickly and accurately as possible. There were 26 Olympic sports at 34 competition venues across the U.K. with 10,490 Olympic athletes and 8.8 million tickets were sold for these games. I played my small part by helping people get ready for the security at the entrance to the Olympic Park. I knew when I was volunteering for this that although I would be at the sporting venues I would not see any of the action live. But really that did not matter. For me the important thing was to take part in the greatest cultural event this country has ever seen. It has been a great experience and hard work for eight hours a day. But it was all worthwhile. The people I met, ranging from the staff working to make the games, the volunteers, the members of the public and the athletes both past and present, were a pleasure to meet. The games have been described as very friendly and welcoming. We all worked hard to make this so. The other volunteers and paid staff worked well together and showed how a large organisation which is largely temporary can work well together in an efficient and joyfully manner. The conversations I had with all will remain in the memory for a long time. For some of those people I was the first religious sister or as they describe it ‘the first nun’ they had really spoken to. For me it was a once in a lifetime experience that I am very grateful to have experienced. Roll on the Paralympics! A.M.D.G.  Sr Una
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