I listened to God’s deep dream for me    Mary Ward Pilgrim for Anne And felt a longing to respond . . .

These words of Mary Ward’s are an invitation also to you, to listen to the deepest dreams of your own heart and respond in the way that is right for you. This can sometimes take you down different pathways, until you find the one through which you can best live your desires in the concrete circumstances of your life.

Many pathways lead to God, and on this website you will discover the one founded by Mary Ward herself. Browsing through, you will find out about the history, spirituality and mission of the IBVM sisters, and discover something about who we are, our dreams, our hopes, our struggles, how we came to join this Institute and to commit ourselves to this way of life. Maybe something will resonate with you, and you might decide to contact us and to consider joining our mission?

This page of the website tells you something about the journey to becoming an IBVM sister. It introduces you to a few of us from the English Province. It tells you something about our formation process. It offers a reflection on our Vows. You will also find links to other IBVM sites, in countries across the world.

There is a page on this website which offers you possibilities for prayer as you discern your future.

Whatever path you choose to take, let Mary Ward’s final words to her companions before she died be an invitation to you:

“Cherish God’s vocation in you. Let it be constant, efficacious and loving.”  
For further information or to make personal contact with us please contact…vocations@ibvm.org.uk