Our Vows The vows taken by Religious are those of Chastity, Poverty and Obedience. To those who feel called to this way of life, they are a gift which leads to freedom. Chastity frees us to love more deeply the people with whom our life is engaged. Poverty reminds us that all is gift and calls us to a simplicity of life. Obedience requires that we discern our future, not alone, but in union with the community we belong to.

Our Community life The priority we give to mission has implications for community life. While many live in community, others find themselves ‘in dispersion’, living alone but united in mind and heart, sharing the One Mission of the Institute. Mission today often demands a willingness to be uprooted, and so, in response to the needs of our world, we have one sister living and working in Albania. In a variety of ways, we attempt to integrate our lives with people who are in greatest need and together to work towards bringing about the Reign of God in our world

If not for the Kingdom, why?